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The project

Be able to use PmWiki's free wiki engine with a Confluence flavor. Import Confluence pages to PmWiki to backup or mirror the original content. Decentralize development of new pages on PmWiki and export if required to a Confluence engine without any conversion.

This PmWiki page is written using a Confluence style and displayed on-the-fly by PmWiki's engine.


Note : only basic instructions of Confluence's markup language are supported in this version. The WikiSandbox contains example of notation.



Required components

If you are familiar with http & php & wiki configuration and if you already have an http server up & running, please check PmWiki's Installation page to start the installation from scratch.

If you have no http & php server running on your laptop, you can :

  • Download and install EasyPHP that is an Apache/PHP/MySQL package.
  • Download this that contains the latest PmWiki engine with pre-configured parameters to run a copy of this site. Please unzip the file in the www directory of your EasyPHP installation directory.png
  • Check that your EasyPHP is started. If you use Skype on the same machine, please uncheck the Use port 80 and 443 feature ... in Tools / Options / Connection
  • Click on http://localhost. You should see this site in your Explorer ! You're ready to use PmWiki !



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